Buying a crane VS. hiring a crane company

The global crane industry is a necessity and plays a pivotal role in the construction and manufacturing sector where lifting and moving of loads to the targeted locations is required for the execution of projects. The decision to rent or purchase a crane depends on a variety of business needs and its financial capacity since buying cranes can be very expensive.

It can be difficult for some companies to make the choice between hiring and purchasing cranes for their projects. However, before considering which is the best option, it is important to evaluate the following key factors;

Weight of lifting loads

There are various types of cranes that are designed to perform different tasks although there some of which are multipurpose, and others only lift specific weight within a set environment. Therefore, if a company focuses on a unique area of business such as constructing highways in an area close to their location, buying the cranes can be the ideal solution since it will of longer service. But when the company is working in a region away from their office location, renting cranes during the period of the contract is the better option.


It is critical to think about how to transport the crane on the project site. For instance, if your company has heavy vehicles such as a truck or a trailer to move the crane to the intended location, then hiring a crane can be suitable because low costs would be incurred. Nevertheless, some companies offer transport as an after-sales service for their clients, but it is mostly under limited locations. Transporting the crane safely requires a lot of care and planning and it is not easy especially in areas that have poor road networks. Alternatively, some cranes can be transported as parts and assembled on the job site.


Safety remains a concern where a crane is being used to lift heavy loads. When a firm buys a crane, they have to ensure everybody including the operators and the other staff in the project location are protected from any hazards that can cause accidents. Inspecting the surroundings to eliminate any possible risks such as aerial materials like power and telephone cables, trees, and broken objects is advisable. On the other hand, when you have hired a crane from a full-service crane company such as Van Adrighem crane rental it takes a higher level of responsibility for maintaining security for the crane, the operator, and the other workers. Additionally, a rental crane company is always insured in case of any eventualities that could lead to accidents and it also meets all the other relevant legal requirements. Their operator is also covered with the right type of insurance.

Maintenance and storage 

When hiring a crane, the rental company will take care of the repair and maintenance costs unlike in a situation where you have purchased the equipment, you will be responsible for service maintenance and the storage cost.

To wind up, buying cranes can be very expensive and especially where different types are required. Therefore, hiring a crane can be more economical than purchasing a new one.

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