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Mystery movies are usually related to the crime genre or a thriller, but there is much more to this film category. These movies focus on some sort of a mystery, such as an unsolved crime, and they tend to let the audience know just enough to keep them intrigued until the very end, when the mystery unravels.

The familiar type of mystery films, like Sherlock Holmes, and Agatha Christie’s movies, are well-known, well-appreciated movies; the plot reels you in at the very beginning, and slowly builds the suspense toward the peak of the film, without any obvious clues of what is really happening; this is the true magic of these films, because you can never be completely sure of the events that are taking place until the climax, where the mystery gets solved, and leaves you speechless.

Yes, we have probably all been in the position, where we solved the entire plot before the end of the movie, just to find out, how wrong we were, and how many details were there, that we missed or dismissed.

But mystery movies are not only about crime solving, there is another line of these movies, that truly is nothing less than compelling and enigmatic. Maybe you have heard of movies like The Shawshank Redemption (still the number one movie according to the imdb ratings), The Prestige, Memento, Shutter Island, Coherence, Jacob’s Ladder, Ex Machina and Inception. Movies like these are also called ‘mind blow’ or ‘mind-blowing’ movies, and are my personal favorite. Why? Not only they jump right into the story, where you literally live with the characters, but the mystery feels like a mist; you know there is more to the plot, you can feel there is something in the background, but you just cannot seem to get there. The suspense is built through the characters, and not just through the story itself. The plot twists and turns through the whole film, and you can never be sure what exactly is going on, but you are eager to find out. At the very end, when the final twist happens, your mind is blown; everything you thought you knew, suddenly seems ludicrous, because the answer was there the entire time, but your mind decided to follow the obvious. And in mysteries like these, the story’s ending is the jaw dropper that leaves you wanting to watch the same movie again, just to see what you missed the first time.

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