3 Tips To Picking The Right Real Estate Agent Toronto Based

Regardless whether you’re planning on selling or buying real estate, it’s crucial that you find yourself the right real estate agent that will suit your needs. However, it can be a bit challenging looking beyond the advertising hype these agents market themselves on (eg. online ads, public bulletins, direct-mail postcards, etc.). So here are three ways you can size up your real estate agent Toronto based before diving in and paying them your hard-earned money.

Scrutinize Their Credentials

An ideal agent must be working on at least one or two transactions every month. Find someone who is an expert on sales, contracts and negotiations for not less than five years. Being in this line of business for the said period of time means he is already very familiar with the process and knows the ins and outs to landing the best deals.

Make sure the agent is working in your area. Not only will he know the neighborhoods and price trends, he’ll also tend to be familiar about other details such as where the good schools are, traffic congestion, and so on.

Ensure that the real estate agent Toronto based fellow has a legal license to buy and sell real estate in your area. Also, ask family and friends for referrals rather than simply going through online reviews because they are more reliable. Your friends and family are more inclined to give you their honest opinion about the experience they had with a real estate agent.

Conduct a Thorough Interview

Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions such as how long they’ve been in the business, handling contracts, sales, and negotiations for their clients. If they are not able to answer your questions fast and accurately, that could be a red flag. Also, find out if they belong to a team or work alone. If you want a lot of personal contact with your agent, then it’s best to find one that works alone. However, a team will work well for you if there’s a specialist for each step. For instance, your agent may be the team leader who will assign specific tasks to his assistant, transaction coordinator, or buyer’s agent.

Check out the properties that they have sold. See if these properties he’s handled in the past are similar to what you’re selling or buying. Make sure he’s available to answer all your queries day or night, even on weekends. Real estate agents are well aware that quick action and response time is needed in their line of work. If they are scheduled for a vacation anytime soon, see if this will interfere with their availability in helping you sell or buy your property. Ask if they have someone to help you out in their absence.

Stay Away From These Red Flags

An agent must always take calls especially during regular business hours. If he’s unable to do this, he might be doing real estate on the side, which prevents him from giving you the time and attention that you need. Moreover, if the agent can’t answer night or weekend calls, they might not be available on times that you’re going to need them.

Beware if the agent has disciplinary actions. Find out with your state’s regulatory body if your agent is really licensed or has any complaints or disciplinary actions. These information may also be available online.

Finally, make sure that you can get along well with the real estate agent Toronto based fellow you are about to choose. Remember, no matter how efficient he is, or how remarkable his professional record, it’s pointless if the two of you can’t get along.

Follow these tips and you’re well on your way to having excellent and smooth-sailing real estate transactions. Goodluck!

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