The Three Things that Buyers are Looking for in a New Home

Buying a new house can be a potential minefield. Searching for the perfect property, finding an estate agent to sell your home, checking for news about house surveys for house survey information – it can make you wonder at times why you are bothering! But once you have the keys to your lovely new home you will be so glad that you did bother in the end!

It seems that when searching for a new home, there are a few things that stand out as what people want – here are a few of the ‘must have’ property wants of 2020…

A Big Kitchen – The kitchen is the room in the home that everything revolves around, and people are increasingly enjoying cooking, as well as using the kitchen for entertaining and family dining as well. This open plan style of living has become very popular over recent years, and it all revolves around a spacious kitchen.

More than 1 Bathroom – We all know the morning struggles as the entire family wants to leave the house and someone is in the shower whilst someone else wants to have a wash  – this is why it is becoming a must to have more than one bathroom in the home.


An Office – 2020 has definitely been the year that we all got to grips with working from home – and because of this, people have started to hunt for a home with a suitable office space in it. Whether a garden room or a smaller bedroom, a home office is becoming the thing of 2020!

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