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The possibility of buying a house or an apartment for the first time, or acquiring a second property, has increased substantially with the provision of mortgage financing, both from public and private organizations.

However, the possibility of acquiring a used property is attractive because its price is up to 30 percent below a new one, or provides 35 percent more space, in addition to the fact that a good part of them are in metropolitan areas with all services, said the experts consulted.

For this reason, quadwalls spoke with real estate specialists in the field to convey to users the basic elements that they should consider for their purchase to be successful and risk-free.

How much and with what

In the first place, it must be considered that the prices of a property are based on the size of the area in which it is built, its location, the type of facilities and, of course, its age, whether new, pre-owned or older. 15 or 20 years old. For example, it should not be forgotten that an apartment with less than five years of construction costs between 20 and 30 percent more than a similar one but with more than 15 years of life.

Likewise, it must be remembered that one thing is the commercial appraisal and another is the price at which the operations are being carried out in a certain area, at the time you want to buy. To know the latter, you have to turn to a real estate broker or real estate professional, because they are the ones who have statistical bases of how the market is in terms of prices, since they are constantly making transactions; On the other hand, if you intend to carry out the operation directly, you can acquire a property at a surcharge compared to current market conditions.

In the savings plan, an extra amount should be contemplated to the down payment or total price of the property, for additional expenses, such as deed, commission for opening credit, research expenses and others. The importance of the savings plan is that the time to pay the down payment can be reduced or increased.

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